Guidelines In Comparing Indoor Playground Manufactures’ Offers

Opening an indoor playground is a huge investment that requires that the entrepreneur should carry out enough research to compare the prices that of various manufacturers offer for different products that are needed for this ground. It is important that the owner of the playground ask for more than one offer so that he /she chooses a manufacture who offers the products at affordable and discounted prices. There are different criteria that can be used as a basis for comparison. This article therefore describes the criteria that can be used for comparison as follows:

Safety– safety is an important feature when buying structures for your indoor playground. There are various aspects that must be evaluated as far as safety is concerned. These are as follows:

  • Certified labs– it is important that the playground manufacturer you buy from has their products tested and certified by an independent control laboratory. The control laboratory ensures that the products that are sold by the manufacturer are of high quality and will not pose a threat to users.
  • Certificates for materials and play events– the manufacture should be able to supply certificates to all materials and play events. Through these certificates, they manufacture is able to demonstrate the fact that they strictly follow norms and laid down laws when manufacturing the items.
  • The kind of material used and their origin-it is important to evaluate the kind of materials used for your playground and their origin. This aspect is important because it determines how fast the material will age and what type of maintenance that they require. You need to inquire about the kind of foam used and its thickness. This is important as it has a direct bearing on safety. Origin is important because if the materials will be brought from far, it will take some time before they reach you. There are also some materials that cannot be installed in certain countries due to their origin.
  • Installation techniques– it is important to inquire about the installation techniques as they have a bearing on safety and maintenance.

Play attractions– The way the materials and structures are designed and installed can either attract are fail to attract people. You need to inquire about the installation techniques used to evaluate whether the playground will attract people especially the children. The kind of installation will also affect the playability of the playground.

Price of the playground– it is important to inquire about the price of the playground. You need to ask the manufacture to provide you with an itemized quotation that indicate what each item costs. You also need to inquire whether the manufacturer has any discounts and deals for the items that you intend to buy.

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